SUNY Oneonta will pay for the students displaced by Wednesday's dormitory fire to stay at the Oneonta Holiday Inn until long-term housing options become available.

Oneonta Public Transport has agreed to provide transportation to and from the hotel to students free of charge.

The fire that started from a malfunction and improper use of a power strip affected the third floor of Matteson Hall and destroyed a suite on the north end of the building. The building is currently closed for clean-up and repair, which will take at least two weeks before the university reopens the first and second floors to residents. The third floor has been closed for the spring semester.

The college has emailed Matteson Hall residents to share details about access to their rooms Friday afternoon to gather essential items.

Roommates and suitemates have been encouraged to enter together in groups, although this is not necessary.

The college issued the following update via its Facebook page:

Our goal is to get all students in and out as safely and quickly as possible. Masks, gloves, and cleaning wipes will be provided to all who enter the building.

We're also providing 21-gallon, plastic storage bins and large plastic bags for students to use while gathering belongings.

There will be a second opportunity to re-enter the building on Monday. Details on that will be forthcoming.

Preparations are underway to relocate the third floor's 56 residents to rooms at other residence halls on campus.

The college's temporary shelter for displaced students at Chase Gymnasium will be shut down.