The Oneonta City Board of Public Service will discuss the continuing drought conditions at its next regular monthly meeting Sept. 6.

Chairman Margery merzig explained that when the reservoir levels were assessed, Oneonta was still down 26 inches at the upper reservoir at Wilber Lake. Now that the colleges have returned the usage on the system will double.

“We have had some rainfall, but not what is needed to be out of the woods,” she said.

The City of Public Service Department recommends some the following steps to help conserve water:

  • Check fixtures, especially toilets, for leaks and correct immediately. Be vigilant, leaks are the greatest danger.
  • Shorten your showers and be strategic when the water is on not to let it run unnecessarily.
  • Curtail outdoor water use, including car washes and lawn sprinkling and discontinue filling outdoor pools.
  • Avoid letting water run, fill water jugs and refrigerate, rather than running your faucet for cold water.

The Oneonta city administration would like to thank you in advance for making water conservation a priority.