The Oneonta City School District Board of Education held a public informational forum on the proposed capital project Wednesday evening.

Paul Bedford, from Keystone Associates, was there to present the proposed work that will be done with the capital project buildings upgrade.

"The general overall theme is for security, safety and general energy efficiency to the district for things that need to be done," he said. "The thing to understand is that the amount being asked to be approved by the voters is a maximum amount. The project cannot go over that and will not go over that. Everything that will be done will be within that amount."

The amount of the proposed capital project is $4.6 million of which the state will pay 70 percent. Oneonta City School District voters will vote on the capital project on January 8.

For further information please call Oneonta City School District clerk Eileen Lishansky, at 433-8232 ext 300