An important provision of the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, known as the NY SAFE Act, goes into effect tomorrow.

The NY SAFE Act was passed by state legislators and signed by Governor Cuomo in January, 2013, and was originally written in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Newton, Connecticut. The law contains a number of firearm regulations.

Ammunition background check requirements went into effect on January 15th of this year. Tomorrow, April 15th, is the deadline to register assault weapons.

There has been opposition to the SAFE Act in many upstate communities.

Ron Galley of CNY News spoke with Dick Gifford, the owner operator of Gifford's Sport Supply in Walton, Delaware County.

How Mr. Gifford feels about the SAFE Act: 

Mr. Gifford comments on how he feels the new law will affect area gun owners: 

Mr. Gifford speaks about assistance received from area political representatives: 

Delaware County Sheriff Tom Mills also called in to speak with Ron Galley, and shared his personal feelings about the SAFE Act, and the difficulties he foresees in enforcing it:

More information about New York State's NY SAFE Act is available on the state's official website.