The old adage "If you see something, say something" has become a commonplace occurrence in these modern days.  And it was employed locally at a local school on Wednesday out of an abundance of caution.

The Norwich City Schools in Norwich, NY went on lock down on Wednesday for a brief period of time. The Norwich City Police Department responded to a crime scene on Rt. 12 and there was a report that the crime suspect had fled north.  Because of the proximity to the school, the district-wide lock down was initiated.  According to the school's Facebook page ".....a staff member saw an unidentifiable non-school aged male fraternizing with students at both the HS and MS during arrival, close to our entry doors. As you can imagine, staff began connecting the two incidents resulting in a district lock down. Norwich PD was involved and within seconds had our HS/MS campus secured. We continue to be in contact with them and in consult, believe all campuses to be safe to resume all activity."

Eventually Norwich Police department contacted the school to say it was safe to re-open the schools and the lock down was lifted.

It is always prudent to act when something suspicious occurs, especially around a school district.  Praise should be given to the quick thinking staff member of the school as well as the administration for acting so swiftly to protect the students.  Also, praise to the Norwich City Police Department for acting so rapidly to secure the Norwich School campus.  We are all grateful that this event happened without any further incident.

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