A vehicle-pedestrian accident in the village of deposit has unfortunately resulted in the death of a woman.  Both the deceased pedestrian and the driver of the vehicle are residents of the village.

It has been reported that the woman who was the victim of a car-pedestrian accident has died.  The deceased woman was identified as Katherine Parsons, 78.  New York State Police state that Ms. Parsons was a pedestrian when a car driven by Danny Kinzer, 78 and also of Deposit, hit and injured her.  She was transported to Wilson Memorial Hospital in Binghamton for treatment of her injuries, but later died at the hospital.  According to a New York State Police press release, the the accident occurred around 6:15 pm on Tuesday April 13 near the intersection of Dean Street and 2nd Street. 

It appears that Mr. Kinzer was driving his Chevy Tahoe truck along Dean Street when he turned the corner and his vehicle struck Ms. Parsons.  An official investigation into the accident is now underway and New York State Police say that no charges are being filed.

To view the official press release from New York State Police Troop C headquarters in Sidney, New York please CLICK HERE.

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