Over the last ten years or so, folks have had a new alternative to pulling up to a bar or tavern for some friendly sips and conversation.  The new kid on the block then became the craft breweries of the region.  What started slowly, the craft brewery phenom has exploded with more than 100 of them in just upstate New York alone.

And, now another new kid is expanding.  New York is famous for its apples and apple ciders.  Today, a new generation "of brewers" has tweaked the old concept of an apple cider barn and turned it into a hard cider destination, a "ciderie" if you will.

This list shines the spotlight on 19 fabulous cideries around Upstate New York.  They are, for the most part, in beautiful rural areas of the state, and they offer all sorts of amenities among them, including delicious hard cider, live music, tasty food, and fun live invents.

Each of the 19 cideries listed in this gallery also includes a direct link to their social media site so you can get directions, see their cider lists, and plan a trip on your next Upstate New York road trip.

As you research these cideries, remember that there are a whole lot more than just these nineteen.  If you have a favorite cidery that didn't appear on this list, please visit our Facebook page and give it a shout out!

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19 Top Cideries in Upstate New York For Your (Cider)-Bucket List!

On the heels of the craft beer explosion in Upstate New York, here come the cideries! Hard cider venues are the fastest growing small agri-business in the region. For those who like a sweeter experience than craft beer, we have offered up a list of 19 great cideries to get your taste buds buzzing in the spring and summer. Not only are these places producing award-winning hard ciders in many flavors, they also source their products from our region's fabled apple orchards. And for the most part, each of these places are located in beautiful, rural places in our state and offer all sorts of fun amenities.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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