How can you enjoy the taste of pumpkin this fall in Upstate New York?  Let me count the ways.

Every year about late September we start hearing jokes about the oncoming "pumpkin spice everything" season.  And it is true, companies get a little crazy putting that seasonal scent into every imaginable item (pumpkin spice toilet paper?  Really?).

But the rap is unfair.  Pumpkin is a very popular taste and you can find it in a variety of foods and beverages across Upstate New York.

This is a list of a dozen ways to satisfy your pumpkin desire this fall.  Some are traditionally such as pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin ice cream, etc.  But others seem to go off the rails just a wee bit.  I mean, pumpkin gnocchi?  I am not sure how my Italian grandfather would feel about that!

Each food item has a link to a particular store or restaurant that serves it up!  So make a note in your journal, and when you are on an Upstate autumn road trip stop in for some pumpkin wine, or a pumpkin bagel, or even some bizarre but tantalizing delicacy called a pumpkin pie cake!

12 Ways to Get Your Pumpkin On in Upstate New York

Pumpkin pie? Of course. But how about pumpkin wine? Or pumpkin latte? Or a pumpkin bagel? Or how about sitting down to a nice plate of Italian pumpkin gnocchi? Here are a dozen ways to satisfy your autumnal desire for a taste of pumpkin. Some sound wonderful. Others, well, maybe a bit strange. But all are fun!

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