Candy apples?  Or caramel apples?  It matters only to the dentist!

Candy apples are everywhere in Upstate New York this season.  What a great memory from our youth they are.  I remember my Dad had a small grocery store in our hometown and every year we had candy apples all lined up like little soldiers for folks to come in and get one.

For Halloween, we all knew which houses were the "gold standard" by giving out candy apples.  Later on, we actually made our own candy apples with our small children and grandchildren.  And what a treat it was each year to go to a farm or orchard for apple picking time, and to come home with a big, juicy candy apple.

There are literally hundreds of places to get a candy apple in Upstate New York.  So, with this short list, we are simply tempting you, to get your mouth watering and go and get one!  And, since there are many places to enjoy a candy apple from big chocolate stores to roadside farm stands, obviously we can't hit them all.  So, we ask for you to mention your own favorite candy apple location over on our Facebook page.

Crackling red shiny, or gooey caramel?  We love candy apple season in beautiful Upstate New York!

Candy Apples Mean Delcious Memories for Young and Old Alike in Upstate New York

No matter how you are or how old you get, a candy apple is a delicious memory of our youth. They were fun, messy, delicious, and conveniently located on top of a stick. At Halloween, they were a special treat.

Here are a bunch of places in Upstate New York known for their creative and yummy candy apples.

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