The small towns of Upstate New York have quite a story to tell!

Here is a list of 15 small towns, villages, and hamlets spread out all across Upstate New York.  Although very small, each of these 15 locations has something to brag about.  Maybe a historical site, an event, a museum, a natural wonder, and so on.  The smallest of these communities has only 330 residents.  The largest has exactly 2,500 (all are 2010 census numbers).

Each entry has a direct link to the featured "must see" place or event in the town.  They range from the world's largest kaleidoscope to the "Mount Rushmore of New York," to one of the region's best covered bridges, and to a festival linked to a sea monster.  Yes, all in Upstate New York.

So when you travel around the state on your next road trip, we surely encourage you to stop and enjoy our big cities like Albany, Kingston, Buffalo and Syracuse.  But don't overlook Burke, Pine Island, or Belfast.  These tiny map dots, like the others, have a story to tell and would love to have you stop and take a look around!

These Tiny Upstate New York Towns Have a Big Story To Tell

While much of the spotlight about news and events are usually focused on Upstate's big cities, like Albany, Binghamton, Kingston, Buffalo, Syracuse, Utica, Jamestown, etc., there are many smaller towns that have a great little story to tell.

Here is a list of 15 towns, villages, and hamlets of less than 2,500 in population that have some interesting things to explore. Each of the entries in this gallery has a link to an amazing museum, historical site, event, or something else to share with the folks passing through. The largest community on this list clocks in at exactly 2,500 residents, and the smallest has a minuscule 330.

But oh the stories these little places can tell!

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