Upstate NY Man Faked Son's Death to Get Sympathy Money! He Was Arrested Over the Weekend!

There are no words to describe the allegations - and actions -  lobbied against an Upstate NY man who was arrested over the weekend after police learned he was telling people his toddler died from cancer and then asked them for money.


"He was charged with defrauding at least two people who gave him a check for $1,000 and $500 in cash to help with the expenses for his son’s death.

Investigators then found that Steven’s son was not sick or dead and he made up the story to get money and sympathy."  -NYSP,


According to a report from,  30-year-old Kaleb D. Stevens of Adams, NY was arrested on October 9 "after he faked his son’s death for monetary donations, according to New York State Police."

Adams NY is about 2:45 mins northwest of Albany, south of Watertown.

How bad were his lies?

Pretty bad.  He's been charged with two class E felonies.

Stevens, according to the report, told co-workers that his son passed away from stage 3 leukemia and even went as far as telling them the boy passed away at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis back on August 3rd.

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Preying on the sympathy of his colleagues, Stevens was able to hustle co-workers, requesting and receiving thousands of dollars to cover funeral costs for his son who wasn't dead.

Investigators looked into the situation and determined that Stevens' son was not dead, he was not even sick, and that the whole story was an egregious sympathy ploy.

According to New York State Police, Stevens was issued appearance tickets returnable to Jefferson County CAP Court and is scheduled to appear on October 28th.

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