The other day I enjoyed kayaking at Goodyear Lake, utilizing the new and improved fishing access at Silliman Cove.  It seemed that improvements to the already existing fishing access had just recently been completed. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is calling it a "Car Top Boat Launch".  So don't get too excited if you have a fishing boat that needs a trailer because this would not work for you.

Overall, as a kayaker, I felt it was a vast improvement and much easier to put in.  I just put my kayak on the boat ramp that has wheels on the bottom.  That way, I can get in the kayak easily and pull myself into the water with the help of rails along the side.  This access clearly discourages fisherman with trailered boats since there is only a winding trail, about 3 feet wide, leading down to the water.  That path is blocked with a large boulder where it begins in the parking area to vehicles.  Plus, the boat launch would not accommodate anything other than car top boats.

Check out my pictures of the site below.  To find out more about this access to Goodyear Lake and about what kind of fish you'll find, CLICK HERE.

Blocked pathway to boat launch
Handicapp Access Portajohn
View to boat launch
A beautiful view of Goodyear Lake from my kayak