For the past six years, OCCA and the Goodyear Lake Association have been vigorously battling an invasive plant, the water chestnut, as it spreads throughout the northern part of Goodyear Lake.

It has been estimated that without this initiative, the northern portion of the lake, stump lot, would be completely covered by water chestnut in less than five years. At present, the situation in stump lot is much improved and the plants are far fewer in number. However, annual maintenance is necessary and the plants have begun to encroach upon the lake proper.

OCCA is seeking volunteers to help pull water chestnut at Goodyear Lake. Volunteers should meet OCCA director Travis Sauerwald at 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday at the Rte. 28 pull-off in Portlandville.

Bug repellant, hats, and sun screen are suggested, gloves are optional but not necessary, and canoes are available. Those in need of a canoe are asked to call to register so that appropriate arrangements can be made. Drinking water will also be provided.

Lake area residents who would prefer to boat over to the stump lot are encouraged to do so. For more information please call Travis Sauerwald at (607) 282-4087 to learn more.