The Otsego County Department of Health (OCDH) reported yesterday (1/17) that there were 27 new confirmed cases yesterday with 14 people currently hospitalized with complications from the virus.  There are currently 219 known active cases in the county and no new deaths report. The death total is currently at 23. The Health Dept. has a COVID-19 dashboard with daily updates for the latest information.

The OCDH shared on Friday that there was a potential COVID 19 exposure at: Richfield Veterans Club 13 Lake St Richfield Springs and the Genesee Tap Room 38 Lake St Richfield Springs. If you spent time at the Vet’s Club any time from January 8th through January 10th or the Genesee Tap Room on January 8th or 13th, you should monitor yourself for symptoms. If you have developed symptoms it is recommended that you get tested and isolate yourself. For questions or concerns please contact 607-547-4231.

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Delaware County Health officials have an update from yesterday (1/17), reporting 10 new cases yesterday with 154 active and there are 16 people hospitalized. The total deaths in the county, related to coronavirus complication is now at 20. Go to to access the Delaware County Public Health COVID-19 dashboard. For those 65 and old who are seeking to get the COVID19 vaccine, you can get help scheduling your appointment to receive it from the Delaware County Office For the Aging by calling 607-832-5750. Please note that due to the federal government supply distribution process it may take time before an appointment is available to you.

In Chenango County, according to information released on the county health department's facebook page updated on Jan. 15, the total number of current active cases at that time was at 227, and the number of people hospitalized from COVID-19 related complications was at 25 and the total number of coronavirus related deaths was at 30.

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