I just love this video.  I do not usually like it when deceased stars are reinvented to appear as if they are singing with other stars (Elvis' manufactured duets, the late Patsy Cline singing with the late Jim Reeves for example) but this one really works in my mind

People tend to forget what a fine singer Natalie Cole really is.  As they say, "the nut didn't fall far from the tree" in the Cole family.  Her Dad was the smoothest pop singer of his time and daughter Natalie does him proud in this version of Nat's classic standard.

Oh, and this song did pretty well in sales too.  It was the single release from her 1991 album of songs with her Dad.  The album went on to stun the music world racking up more than SEVEN MILLION RECORDS SOLD!

I just love this video...and I hope you do too.