Summer is here.  While it doesn't last long here in Western New York, the weather is actually perfect for a couple of months.

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What makes for the perfect picnic?

Picnics can be a gamble.  You need a couple of things to make them perfect.  Of course, you need great food.  You're going to want nice scenery.  It's always good to be surrounded by things that make you feel good.  But most of all, you need good weather.  Nothing can spoil a picnic like awful weather.

What's the weather like in Western New York in the summer?

Buffalo gets a bad rap when it comes to its weather.  Sure, we get some nasty weather in December, January, and February.  We might get some snow in March and April but normally it doesn't last long.

By May, things are normally beginning to turn around in Western New York.  That's when we start to see temps up into the 60s regularly.  By June, we normally have temps in the lower to mid-70s.  Then in July and August, we will see anything from 75-85 on average.  With the cool breeze from the lake, it rarely feels hot and humid.

Granted, we get our bad days.  We will get some rain and occasionally we will get colder than those temperatures but that's not normal.  Buffalo normally has great weather in the summer.

Where are some great places to take a picnic in Western New York?

The great thing about picnics is that you can take them anywhere.  You can have a picnic in your backyard if you really don't want to travel.  They can be a little more fancy, or very laid back.  If you're planning a day with your family or a date with your loved one, there are a ton of great places to take a picnic here in Western New York.  They're everywhere from Niagara Falls to Allegany County.  If you need a place to go on your lunch break in the city or you're looking for somewhere to take guests from out of town for the whole day, there's something for everyone.

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