WD-40 was "born" in 1953.  It was invented by Norm Larsen who was looking for a solution to coat nuclear missiles with to prevent them from rusting.

Do you know what WD-40 stands for?

Mr. Larsen found the perfect water displacement formula on his 40th try.  Hence "WD-40."

How many uses does this unique product have.  Well, apparently countless numbers of them.  In fact their official website offers you to enter a new usage for it.  No matter how wacky, they want to hear about it.  You can see more than 2,000 uses for WD-40 listed on their official website here.

So what is in WD-40 anyways?  We'll never know.  The company has never patented the product because if they did they would have to reveal its contents!

Some of the many uses for it  that are already posted are as follow:

Keeping piano keys clean

Removing ink from blue jeans

Shining up mother of pearl accessories

Remove cellophane tape

Keeps horseshoes from rusting

Keeps water glasses from sticking together

Takes moisture out of fishing tackle

Shines vinyl records

Removes labels from mirrors and picture frames

Shines golf clubs

Removes crayon marking from walls