With the coronavirus pandemic, many concerts and events have either been postponed or canceled. Live Nation has now outlined a plan for ticket refunds that includes a pretty cool offer. According to Syracuse.com, Live Nation Entertainment has outlined a special "relief plan" so that fans can get refunds on concert tickets they are holding on to. Each day there are concerts and events getting postponed and canceled due to the pandemic.

If you are holding tickets to any Live Nation event, you should have gotten an email on May 1st explaining how to get a refund. There are different types of refunds being offered with one of them giving concert tickets to healthcare workers on the front lines.

If an event is canceled, you will automatically get a refund. If the show is being held at a Live Nation venue like Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC), you will have thirty days to take advantage of a special offer. You can get a refund as a 150% credit in concert cash toward future concerts. If you choose this a ticket will be donated to their Hero Nation program that gives tickets to healthcare workers.

If the concert is rescheduled, you ticket will automatically be accepted for the new date. You can also choose to get a full refund.

If the concert is postponed and no date for rescheduling has been announced within sixty days, you will have a thirty-day period to request refunds.

To get more information on the Live Nation refund policy, click HERE.

There have been a few concerts that have been canceled and postponed. To check out the SPAC line-up with cancelations and postponed shows click HERE.

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