Voters across New York State will be heading to the polls this Tuesday, November 2, 2021 to vote on local races since there are no state or federal races on the ballot this year. You can vote from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm with early voting going on through this Sunday. You can vote early at either:

Foothills Performing Arts Center
24 Market St, Oneonta

Otsego County Board of Elections
140 County Highway 33W, Cooperstown

Hours to vote:
Friday October 29th: 9am-5pm
Saturday October 30th: 9am-2pm
Sunday October 31st: 9am-2pm

Here's a look at the races in Otsego County and the City of Oneonta from the Otsego County Board of Elections.

State Supreme Court Justice (6th Judicial District): Molly Fitzgerald (D), Elizabeth Aheme (R), Patrick J. O'Sullivan (R)

Otsego County Treasurer: Allen Ruffles (R, Conservative)
Otsego County Rep. 1st District:  Matt Glynn (D), Edwin Frazier Jr. (R)
Otsego County Rep. 2nd District: 
Michelle Farwell (D, One Otsego), Jerry Madsen (R, Conservative)
Otsego County Rep. 3rd District: 
Caitlin Ogden (D, Otsego United), Rick Brockway (R, Conservative)
Otsego County Rep. 4th District: 
Michelle Catan (R, Conservative)
Otsego County Rep. 5th District: 
Emily Popek (D), Margaret M. Kennedy (R, Conservative)
Otsego County Rep. 6th District: 
Chad McEvoy (D), Jennifer Mickle (R, Conservative)
Otsego County Rep. 7th District: 
Charles Varney (D, Patriot), David T. Bliss (R, Common Sense)
Otsego County Rep. 8th District: 
Andrew Marietta (D, I Love Otsego)
Otsego County Rep. 9th District: 
Connie Jastremski (D, Otsego Strong), Keith O. McCarty (R, Conservative) 
Otsego County Rep. 10th District: Daniel G. Wilber (R, Conservative)
Otsego County Rep. 11th District: Clark Oliver (D, Oneonta United), Paul Ahearn (R)
Otsego County Rep. 12th District: Adrienne Martini (D)
Otsego County Rep. 13th District: Mark Pawkett (D, Oneonta United), Donald Scanlon (R)
Otsego County Rep. 14th District: Jill Basile (D, Oneonta United)

Oneonta Mayor: Mark Drnek (D, Oneonta United), Len Carson (R, Better Government)
Oneonta City Judge: Robert A. Gouldin (D, Working Families)
Oneonta Supervisor:  Randal Mowers (R, For Oneonta), Teresa DeSantis (Our Town)
Oneonta Clerk/Collector:  Ryan F. Pereira (D, Oneonta Choice), Sara Robinson (R)
Oneonta Town Justice (vote for up to 2): William H. Shebaum (D, Oneonta Choice), Timothy P. Gibson (D, Oneonta Choice), Karen Liddle (R, Conservative), Sean Farrel (R, Conservative)
Oneonta Councilman (vote for up to 2): Kimberly L. Fierke (D), Skylar J. Thompson (R, For Oneonta), Jon Curtis Andersen (R, For Oneonta)
Oneonta Superintendent of Highways:  James R. Hurtubiese II (D)

To get more information about voting in Otsego County, visit

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