Fred Waring was one of the most popular big band leaders of the 1930s.  In fact, from the 1920s to through the 1930s his band, The Pennsylvanians, was the #1 recording band for RCA Victor.  His popularity lasted four decades and it is estimated that he sold over 50 million records.  He was also a chorale director who introduced choral music to a wide audience on radio and TV.  He had is own television show for more than a decade on NBC.

And....yes, he invented the WARING BLENDER!  He was a busy guy.

Look what I found.

Apparently Fred Waring wrote a song for Hartwick College in Oneonta in 1940.  Called simply the "Hartwick Song," I recently came across the sheet music (photos below) for the song.  Here are the lyrics inside:

"In Oneonta,

Green hills surround us, To Hartwick we pledge our devotion,

While seeking llife's treasure, pursuing our study and pleasure,

By nature's blest beyond measure, For Hartwick our hearts beat for you!

Campfires were burning, For Indian warriors turning,

Now here midst our towers of learning

Each victory we hail thru the night

Bold warriors assemble, the fierce Iroquois the resemble

Our foes one and all are a'tremble before our unconquerable.

On old Oyaron, hill of dreams, our guiding light for ever beams,

Hail White and Blue, We love thee Hartwick, Alma Mater true."

Who would have guesses??????

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