Credit: Delaware-Chenango-Madison-Otsego BOCES, facebook
Credit: Delaware-Chenango-Madison-Otsego BOCES, facebook

Anybody in the need for a homemade mask "ear saver?"

Emily Philps, coordinator of the local "Ear Mask Brigade" says, "After making and distributing over 4,000, we are caught up with the referrals we have. We have a few hundred more to give out but since we can't go door to door and ask places, we are limited in finding sources. So far few have said no (some are using tie masks in their business so they don't need these belt type ear savers).  We are asking that if you have people you work with or have a relative or friend who works or know someone at a local or even out of the area business, medical facility, agency ask them if they would be interested. We would be happy to supply them. If out of the immediate area, we ask only that they cover the postage. We can accommodate a few or many. So before this group disbands we are hoping to get these out in the community."

The ear saver devices help masks fit one's face better and provides less fogging as well as reducing pressure on the wearer's ears.  You simply use them like a headband.

The group has made and distributed tens of thousands of these home-made items to organizations such as Fox Hospital, Bassett Hospital, Springbrook, ARC, Catskill Area Hospice (Helios Care) and others.

If you are interested in helping this great group in getting out the remaining er saver masks contact Emily Philips at