How many remember "Spin and Marty?"  The show started out as an 11-minute segment on the old "Mickey Mouse Club Show" in 1955.  It was so popular that it gave us two more seasons, two remakes, a movie and a lot of great old comic books.

The stars were Tim Considine as "Spin" Evans a poor kid who spent his summer at the Triple R Ranch.  Actor David Stollery played "Marty" Markham a rich kid from the city.  These unlikely ranchmates eventually became best friends and helped solve all kinds of situations on the ranch.  Annette Funicello joined the cast in the second season. (read on after the video below)

David Stollery, now 71, left show business soon after "Spin and Marty."  He became a successful automoblie engineer and was credited with designing the original 1978 Toyota Celica.

Tim Considine, also now 71, went on to play many roles as a teenager including Joe Hardy of the original Hardy Boys Mystery series and as one of the original "sons" on Fred MacMurray's hit show "My Three Sons."

A quirky claim to fame for Considine is that he was the actor who played the young shell-shocked soldier that General Patton (George C. Scott) slapped in the 1970 movie "Patton."  In real life, Patton was reprimanded for this act. Watch the video below (featuring Considine and Scott).