When the Delaware County Fair occurs every summer in Walton, it becomes its own largest city in the county.  Tens of thousands visit from all over the state for family fun, food and entertainment.  The Delaware County Sheriff's Office has been a partner with the Fair ever since it opened over a century ago.

These days, the sheriff's office and its deputies are a constant presence at the Fair watching over the proceedings and the crowd.  Do they enjoy being at the Fair?  Is it a hassle for them?

I found this charming post on the Delaware County Sheriff's Office Facebook page yesterday.  I wanted to share it with you.  It is quite a look at what the Fair means to the sheriff's department.

Thank you all for your service!

"The Delaware County Fair has collaborated with the Delaware County Sheriff's Office for decades. They begin their 24 hour daily coverage Saturday night and end the following Sunday around noon.

The Fair board does reimburse the Sheriff's Office for their services...and believe us....they have no trouble recruiting deputies for this detail!
The Sheriff's Office not only LOVES being at the Fair on Fair week, but considers it a large part of their investment in community service and outreach.
Don't forget to visit the Sheriff Office tent at the end of the big red and white commercial tent. There are folks to chat with and activities for parents and kids. They'd love to see you stop by.  According to Sheriff Dumond, "We take pride in providing a family friendly atmosphere, because that's what it's all about!"
See you at the Fair!
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