Ask any non-essential business owner "how's business been?" and more than likely you'll get an earful about how hard it has been during the COVID-19 pandemic to do business thanks to the economic shutdown, product and employee shortages, and many people just fearful of going to any public place that they don't have to in an attempt to keep themselves coronavirus free. Despite all the challenges of being a business owner, especially a SMALL business owner, we are seeing some new shops opening in Oneonta. These are the kind of people who are determined to fulfill their dreams of owning a prospering business, despite all the challenges that are happening during this tough time and we applaud that spirit that is keeping our community alive!

One such new business just held their Otsego County Chamber of Commerce grand opening last week with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Cabral's Caribbean Store is bringing the colorful and joyful spirit of Jamaica and the Caribbean to Oneonta at 300 Main St.

The store is described as "a Caribbean grocery, art and fashion store". There's no doubt that Oneonta has never had a store like this. Below are some photos to check out and you can visit Cabral's Caribbean Store on Facebook.

Cabral's Caribbean Store, TSM Oneonta
Cabral's Caribbean Store, TSM Oneonta
Cabral's Caribbean Store, TSM Oneonta
Cabral's Caribbean Store, Facebook
TSM Oneonta

I'd say we need a bit of some Caribbean sunshine and attitude here in Oneonta right now.

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