The Clark Foundation has announced the winners of their 2020 Beautification Contest winners in a media release last week.  The categories included residences, businesses, organizations and public places.  Winners received a monetary prize of $1,000 for their efforts, $750 for second prize, $500 for third place and $400 for the honorable mention in each of three different categories that were judged.

The winners are:

Category:  Most Attractive Floral Design in a Business Setting:  Pioneer Patio, 46 Pioneer Street.  Owner is Richard and Kathryn Busse.  Second place went to The Inn at Cooperstown, and third place Bank of Cooperstown.  Honorable mention honors went to Tin Bin Alley.

Category:  Most Effected Overall Enhanced Residence Planting:  The winner was Peter and Judith Henrici, 92 1/2 Pioneer Street.  Second place went to Martin and Margaret Tillapaugh, 24 Pioneer Street.  Third place winner was Jose Monzon and Bridget O'Mara at 108 Pioneer Street.  Honorable mention went to Charles and Ursula Hage at 73 Pioneer Street.

Category:  Most Appropriated Residence/Business Window Boxes or Baskets:  The winner was Richard and Barbara Haylick at 94 Fair Street.  Second place went to The White House Inn at 46 Chestnut Street, and third place went to Tim Johnson at 203 Main Street.  Honorable mention winners were the Railroad Inn, and the Hotel Pratt.