SUNY Oneonta issued two updates via its official Facebook page late Saturday night as it works to clean Matteson Hall after a fire heavily damaged the third floor and destroyed a suite Wednesday.

Cleaning crews will "fog" the building Sunday and students will not be allowed to enter again until Monday.

On Monday morning, third floor residents will be able to finish emptying their rooms. Again, the college will escort and assist students, and provide large, rolling bins. We'll also make trucks and drivers available, so that belongs can be transported to students' new residence halls. Alternative arrangements can be made upon request for any third floor student unable to come to Matteson during this time.

Later on Monday, residents of the other floors will be granted access, again with escorts, to collect additional property.

This information (along with more detail about scheduling) has been communicated to Matteson residents by email.

The college also said that residents to the first and second floors should be able to move back in on Jan. 25, just 10 days after the fire.