Charles Carr was just a young Auburn University student when legendary country singer Hank Williams hired him to chauffeur him to two concerts in the winter of 1952.  Carr drove through horrific blizzard conditions.  He was driving Williams' classic 1952 powder blue Cadillac.

Somewhere along the ride Carr discovered Hank Williams dead in the back seat.  Although there has been much controversy over the exact cause of death of the superstar, young Carr was never implicated in foul play of any kind.  Hank Williams was known to abuse alcohol and medications.

Hank Williams was pronounced dead on January 1, 1953.  Carr, the young man behind the wheel on the "Death Ride of Hank Williams," passed away on Monday, July 1, 2013 at the age of 79.  The photo above, one of the only known photos of the young student from 1952, shows him consoling Hank Williams' widow.