The Otsego County Department of Health reported yesterday (1/11) that there were a whopping 58 new cases yesterday with 18 people currently hospitalized with complications from the virus.  There are currently 210 active cases in the county. The total number of deaths related to virus complications is at 21. The Health Dept. has a COVID-19 dashboard with daily updates for the latest information.

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Delaware County Health officials have an update from yesterday (1/11), reporting 27 new cases yesterday with 165 active and there are 6 people hospitalized. The total deaths in the county, related to coronavirus complication is at 17. Go to to access the Delaware County Public Health COVID-19 dashboard.

In Chenango County, according to information released on the county health department's facebook page yesterday, the total number of deaths in the county stands at 28. The total number of current active cases is at 239, and the number of people hospitalized from COVID-19 related complications is at 17.

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