Oneonta celebrated its 100th birthday as a city in a grand way in 1948.  In fact I even have a copy of the program of events (photo above).  It looks like quite a party!

The 100th anniversary of the incorporation of Oneonta began on Thursday September 23, 1948.  The city held a commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen in the "little red caboose" in Oneonta.  The Hon. Alexander F. Carson, mayor, opened the festivities at 10:50AM with a speech.  That was followed by a presentation and dedication of the War Memorial in Neahwa Park by General Joseph L. Whitney.

Thursday ended with a rousing football game between Hartwick College and Brockport.

On Friday, September 24, it was "Centennial Pioneer Day."  The lineup sures sounds old fashioned:  an antique show, a kangaroo court (?), an "old time get-together," a horse parade, the presentation of a musical titled "It Happened in Oneonta," and ending with a big "Old Time Street Dance."

Sunday September 26 saw ecumenical celebrations at all Oneonta houses of worship.

The final day, Monday September 27, 1948 saw a day of lively activities for all ages.  E.C."Dutch" Damaschke held a day of "athletic trials" in the park including a soft ball game, a bicycle competition, "novelty" races and other sports events.  The day and the whole multi-day anniversary celebration came to a close at 9:00PM with a huge block dance at Main and Elm Streets.  I have heard that as many as 3,000 filled the streets for the dance.

As I look through the program of this event one thing struck me with a strong, sentimental chord.  The entertainment for the huge finale downtown dance is listed as "Bob D'Imperio's 10 Piece Orchestra".

It is kind of cool to know that exactly one year to the day of my birth on September 27, 1949 my Uncle Bob (my dad's brother from Cortland) was entertaining the masses in what would once, a long way down the road, become my home town!