Houston was hot.  And humid.  Like living in a swamp, which the city was originally.  Only down there they call swamps bayous.  Hence the nickname for Houston, "The Bayou City."

When we landed at the airport last Friday it was 98 degrees.  It hit 99 on Saturday and cooled off back to 98 on Sunday.  They were predicting 100 degrees when we left on Monday.

How do they live down there?  They live in an air conditioned society.  From your cooled house to your a/c cooled car to your comfortable workplace to your air conditioned restaurant or movie theater.  It a wonder everybody doesn't have a cold down there.

As you can imagine not many people eat outside during the day in Houston.  But some do.  How do the restaurants keep their outside customers cool?  Watch this video. Unreal.

Like I said...how do they live down there?