Last year, Christmas 2016, was not the best one I ever had.

Trish's step-father, Mike, died on Christmas Eve at the age of 68.  Shortly after that my own Mom, Kate, went into the hospital for the last time and died a few weeks later at 90.  On top of everything else we were selling our house in Oneonta and we got an unexpected offer and had to move and find a new place quickly.  It was a hurly-burly of a holiday with quite a bit of sadness to it.  In fact we didn't even put up a tree.

Fast forward to this year, Christmas 2017.  While putting up this year's tree and stockings yesterday I came across a gift from my Mom from last year that somehow I hadn't seen or didn't remember.  It was a $50.00 gift certificate to Sloan's restaurant in Oneonta, a place that my Mom knew Trish and I enjoyed.  I was shocked to find the gift certificate.  I mean, it somehow survived a massive move from one house to another, into a whole different town!  (see the photo of the gift certificate below!)

In any case, I was so happy to find it.  Then I saw the expiration date.  December 6, 2017.  That was last night.  So, Trish and I went to Sloan's last night, December 6, and had a great meal courtesy of my dear old Mom.  A year later, but just in time, and such a sweet reminder of how wonderful she really was.

She is missed by all D'Imperios this year for sure.

Your Big Chuck loves you, Mom!

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