Cooperstown, NY – The Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons has granted three-year Accreditation with Gold Level Commendation to the Bassett Cancer Institute. The accreditation maintains Bassett’s position as one of the longest standing accredited programs in the country.

Bassett’s cancer program has been continuously accredited since 1947. The accreditation process occurs every three years and involves on-site, rigorous evaluation and performance review process to assure cancer programs meet the CoC’s quality of care standards. To achieve Gold Level Commendation, a cancer center must comply with all standards and receive commendation in at least seven of the eight standards.

In addition to this most recent gold level achievement, the Bassett Cancer Institute is also STAR certified. Through the STAR program, Bassett providers, physical therapists, social workers, lymphedema specialists, and dietitians who work with cancer patients have been trained in the latest oncology rehabilitation care and are implementing research based processes proven to help cancer survivors optimize their healing and function.