ANNIVERSARY DAY FOR ME! Today I begin my 31st year at WDOS. Great ride, fun trip. Here is my FCC license dated July 7, 1989. Don't even know if you need licenses anymore  Too many memories...great colleagues along the way that have become lifelong friends, wonderful relationships with my listeners (who are also 30 years older today LOL), important times, silly times, great music, 53 Big Chuck buses with my followers, honors and awards, maybe 1,000 interviews, significant local news stories (Rick Parisian's murder, Hurricane Irene, Dark Horse fire, etc.), silly ones (like being the caller at a Doggie Square Dance for charity), hundreds of remotes, having never called in sick once, induction into Cortland's NYS Country Music Hall of Fame as "New York's DJ of the Year 2000," getting a "Big Chuck Day" and the key to the city by Mayor John Nader, raising incredible amounts for local non-profits, Gordon Hastings who hired me, Jan Laytham who gave me my full time morning show and Ryan West who lets me "keep on keeping on,", and so many more. From reel-to-reel and cassettes and vinyl records, to computerized programming this old dog has tried to stay up with the trends. Amazing journey. I love our community. I have the best listeners. On to 31...and a grateful man says THANK YOU to all of you. BIG CHUCK.

wdos radio license