Was this the funniest movie ever made?  Many think so (including me!)

This 1959 farce features a glowing Marilyn Monroe in her finest film portrayal as "Sugar" a whispery song seductress with an all-girl traveling band.  Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis (in Oscar caliber performances) play two musicians on the run from the mob.  Somehow (only in movieland) these two down on your luck players stumbled upon the infamous St. Valentines Day Massacre in Chicago.  The lead gangster (the great George Raft) spies them and the chase in on.

The music, the settings, the supporting actors and the dialog are all among the best of any movie made in the 1950s (and beyond).  There are several "laugh til you cry" scenes (Jack Lemmon in heels?  Tony Curtis doing his spot on Cary Grant imitation? Lemmon and Curtis jamming themselves into the cramped all-girl sleeping quarters on the train?) and the backdrop of the historic Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego gives it all just the right touch of nostalgia.

Many call the ending scene of "Some Like It Hot" the most hilarious film ending ever.  No small thanks to screen legend Joe. E Brown for the comic assist as millionaire Osgood Feilding III.

I loved this move and give it four meatballs...my highest rating!

Find it, rent it, watch it!