8 Must See Movies of 2013
Too many movies are coming out this year, and with the constant improvement of entertainment technology, they all look big, expensive, end really good. But you be the judge. Here's what's coming soon!
Upstate Legend Actor Kirk Douglas Turns 96! (VIDEO)
Happy Birthday Kirk Douglas!
The actor, born in Upstate New York (Amsterdam) is the last surviving superstar of Hollywood's "Golden Age.  He is one of those rare actors whose body of work is so expansive you can ask any moviegoer "What is your favorite Kirk Douglas movie..…
Everybody Has A Small Town Movie Memory….What’s Yours?
We recently ran a story here about the historic Colonia Theatre reopening in Norwich, NY.  And this comes on the heels of the report that the landmark Walton Theatre has gone digital and will continue to show films far into the future.
And of course our beloved old Oneonta Theatre is also back runnin…
Famous Movie Ship Sinks In Hurricane Sandy!
The H.M.S.Bounty, a replica of the famous the British sailing ship, has sunk while getting caught in Hurricane Sandy's tumult.  The ship, originally built for the 1962 Marlon Brando film "Mutiny on the Bounty," was on its way to safe harbor when the disaster struck...
A Big Chuck Movie Review: “SOME LIKE IT HOT(1959)”
Was this the funniest movie ever made?  Many think so (including me!)
This 1959 farce features a glowing Marilyn Monroe in her finest film portrayal as "Sugar" a whispery song seductress with an all-girl traveling band.  Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis (in Oscar caliber perfor…