Country superstar Alan Jackson played to a near full house at the Broome County Veterans Arena last night.  For almost two hours he played one hit after another to a screaming, stomping crowd of fans.

Our Big Chuck Bus was packed with 52 listeners and we had a great time.  Once again, a superb job by Eastern Travel.  Harry (our driver) and Shirley (our hostess) made the whole evening perfect for all of us!

Alan Jackson ranks fifth on the list of all-time country hit makers with 35 Number One Songs.  Some of the highlights were his 9-11 ode "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning," his party favorite "Its Five O'clock Somewhere" and his tribute to his father "Drive."

He closed his show with a rousing "Where I Come From" which was accompanied on the big video screens with random images of the city of Binghamton.  Each shot was met with rousing cheers from the hometown audience.

Alan Jackson, who turned 53-years old the day before, has lost none of his "country boy" charm and everyone on the sold out Big Chuck Bus agreed it was one of the best concerts we have seen in years!

Kristen Kelly, a newcomer with one hit under her belt, opened the show.