I loved the Hollywood Square TV show.  It was my favorite game show.

Everybody was so funny but some more funny than others.  I had favorites.  Paul Lynde of course.  Mr. Center Square.  His Youube clips from the show bring tears to my eyes.  And all the other regulars coming through to sit in a square and hype a new TV show or movie.

But my favorite (hands down) was Charley Weaver, down in the lower left square.  He was a rascal and always played it close to the line.  Just fall down funny.  Such an underappreciated talent I think.

This photo above is a rare photo taken after the taping of the 2,000th episode of the game.  From left to right we see Charley Weaver, Rose Marie, George Gobel, John Davidson, Kent McCord, Peter Marshall, Vincent Price, Paul Lynde (and in front) Ruta Lee and Sandy Duncan.  Now, does that bring back some great memories?

So, I ask.  Who was your favorite Hollywood Square?