This week sees our first hazardous driving conditions of our winter season.  Are you ready?

We are always told to have a "winter emergency kit" in the trunk of our car for unexpected emergencies.  And that is a great idea.  But do we do it?

As for me personally, I try and have two things in the car with me during the winter months.  An ice scraper and a blanket.  The ice scraper for obvious reasons.  I like to have a blanket with me because I have always had a fear of being stuck in a ditch for an hour while help comes along.  And freezing myself!  Also, we have little kids in the car with us a lot so it would come in handy.

Thank God for cell phones.  They of course will be the first line of help for us should something go wrong.  Phone calls, snap shots, a flashlight, a mapping system..they are all right on our phone.  And to stop and think about it for a did we do all this without cell phones before?  How lucky we are in this day and age.

So, how about you?  Are you ready?  What are the most important items you have in your trunk's "winter emergency kit?"