Ski season is coming up.  How many in Central New York remember skiing at a place called Scotch Valley (then Deer Run) in Delaware County?  I am not a skiier but I remember going there with my friends and a bunch of us enjoying the lodge at the base of the mountain while the more heartier in our group took on the small mountain.  Scotch Valley has been gone for over 20 years now. 

Do you remember Scotch Valley?

There is a wonderful page sponsored by the Delaware County Historical Association that mentions dozens of Upstate ski slopes, many of them gone, and tells where they were.  The site describes Scotch Valley as such:

"Scotch Valley/ Deer Run in 1981 on Rte. 10 in Jefferson (but everybody thinks it's in Stamford)- Opened 1962 by Avery Robinson and closed in 1998. In 1965 a 150 foot ski jump was constructed. Stan Czarniak,the ski school director, designed the jump. In the 1970's they were open every day and two nights, and had two slopes, nine trails, three chair lifts, T-Bar, rope tow, snow-making, cafeteria, lodge, ski school, cross country skiing and 10 lane bowling alley."