It's safe to say that we were all a bit bummed when Bob Hoskins announced his retirement. He gave us such classic characters from movies like 'Hook,' 'Enemy at the Gates' and, of course, the iconic 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' But none seemed more disappointed than director Robert Zemeckis and not just because he was a fan of Hoskins' work, either. Turns out that a 'Roger Rabbit 2' is actually ready to go with a completed script.

So, does this mean a sequel is in fact coming our way? At the end of the New York Film Festival, Showbiz411 spoke with Zemeckis, who attended the convention to promote his latest film 'Flight,' starring Denzel Washington. "I have a script at Disney, and we’re just waiting for all the executive changes to settle down there," he said, after expressing his sadness over Hoskins' retirement.

The original 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' debuted back in 1988 and starred Bob Hoskins as the intrepid detective along side cartoon characters Roger and Jessica Rabbit. Zemeckis has always wanted to make a sequel but the project reportedly has continuously been stuck with development problems, one of them presumably being Hoskins' retirement after his Parkinson's diagnosis.

No word yet on whether movement on 'Roger Rabbit 2' is still stuck in the mud, but if not, who might play Hoskins' classic Bob Valiant character? And would the other voice actors come back to play their cartoon characters? Time will tell. In the mean time, 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' is getting a 3D re-release for November 2013 in time for the film's 25th anniversary.