Surely, you can imagine the smell right now.

We Know The Smell All Too Well

Rainwater gutter downspout with water pouring out onto cement

In Central New York, one thing we are no strangers to is rain, or any weather really. In the winter we get barreled by snow, meanwhile, in the warmer months, we become doused in rain. During those months, an aroma comes with the precipitation.

Perhaps You Can Even Smell This Picture

Doggy in a puddle

You might be led to believe it is the thing that is wet that is creating the smell, and in many instances like the dog above, it is. There is more to it. Rain brings a smell before it even begins. Imagine a thunderstorm before it comes. You can feel the moisture in the air, you can smell the storm.

How Is That Possible?

Energy of molecule or atom
anusorn nakdee

It is science. It is called Geosmin. Geosmin occurs in a variety of natural ways, in food form it can be found in beets. Beets have an earthy taste, and geosmin is the reason why. Geosmin also is carried in the wind when it rains.

According to ACS, the human nose can pick up the scent pretty easily. A very small amount actually has to be present to be noticed.

What Does It Smell Like?

Attractive man breathing outdoor

If you've been living under a rock, you actually might know the smell best. It is an earthy smell. That musty, muggy, dirty smell rain brings is actually the Geosmin. A smell we are getting accustomed to for 2022 with April showers in Central New York.

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