A car dealership ripping you off? You don't say.

Everyone knows that visiting a car dealer is going to be a headache. And especially now, when car prices have skyrocketed due to a microchip shortage, car dealers know they have the upper hand.

Simply put, it's an extremely bad time to buy a car right now.

For car buying novices, you want to be aware of your desired vehicle's Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). The MSRP is also known as the "list price" or "sticker price," and it's the price the auto manufacturer suggests the vehicle sell for at the dealership. But as anyone who's bought a car knows, this is usually not the price you pay. Rather, it's a starting point for negotiation.

Most car-buying guides recommend attempting to negotiate a price below the MSRP. This is because the dealership bought the car from the manufacturer for much less than that. Some auto manufacturers offer several thousand dollars' worth of rebates to the dealer if they sell a certain type of car. So, the MSRP is NOT what the dealer "needs" to make to net a profit. They'll still make their profit for selling below the MSRP.

But again, this is 2022, and the demand is outweighing the supply. Which, again, means that dealerships have the upper hand, and they can -- and are -- marking the price of their cars up significantly.

So which car currently has the highest markup in New York?



If you really want to buy a Jeep Wrangler in New York, you're going to pay on average of $8,870 more than the MSRP, which is a 27% markup. Jeeps account for the highest marked-up vehicle in 30 states. This data comes from an iSeeCars study of 1.2 million new car listings.

That's the kind of price hike that makes you go...


Here is the full list of highest marked-up vehicles in each state:

The New Car Priced the Highest Over MSRP in Each State- iSeeCars
StateVehicle% Above MSRP$ Above MSRP
AlabamaFord Bronco27.1%$10,347
AlaskaFord F-15017.5%$8,774
ArizonaPorsche Macan24.5%$14,025
ArkansasJeep Wrangler Unlimited26.1%$10,880
CaliforniaJeep Wrangler26.7%$8,793
ColoradoJeep Wrangler31.2%$10,321
ConnecticutJeep Wrangler32.0%$10,277
DelawareJeep Gladiator23.6%$10,110
FloridaCadillac CT4-V26.8%$15,821
GeorgiaJeep Wrangler28.6%$9,242
HawaiiJeep Wrangler Unlimited26.9%$10,391
IdahoJeep Wrangler Unlimited27.3%$11,248
IllinoisLexus RX 450h29.4%$14,480
IndianaJeep Wrangler27.3%$9,376
IowaJeep Wrangler Unlimited23.0%$9,759
KansasFord Bronco23.6%$8,873
KentuckyChevrolet Corvette24.1%$16,006
LouisianaJeep Wrangler25.4%$8,546
MaineJeep Gladiator20.8%$8,960
MarylandFord Maverick29.2%$7,129
MassachusettsFord Maverick31.5%$7,091
MichiganJeep Gladiator29.6%$12,212
MinnesotaJeep Wrangler25.3%$8,706
MississippiJeep Wrangler Unlimited26.1%$10,746
MissouriJeep Wrangler28.9%$9,581
MontanaFord Bronco28.6%$10,285
NebraskaFord Bronco24.1%$8,962
NevadaJeep Wrangler Unlimited27.8%$11,859
New HampshireJeep Wrangler23.7%$7,721
New JerseyFord Maverick34.0%$7,549
New MexicoJeep Wrangler Unlimited28.0%$11,420
New YorkJeep Wrangler27.0%$8,870
North CarolinaJeep Wrangler25.7%$8,500
North DakotaJeep Wrangler Unlimited20.2%$8,954
OhioLexus RX 450h28.8%$14,075
OklahomaFord Bronco27.8%$10,518
OregonJeep Wrangler28.8%$9,563
PennsylvaniaFord Maverick34.7%$7,843
Rhode IslandJeep Wrangler Unlimited25.6%$10,054
South CarolinaJeep Wrangler29.8%$9,829
South DakotaJeep Gladiator26.1%$10,746
TennesseeJeep Wrangler28.0%$9,193
TexasGenesis GV7030.2%$13,197
UtahFord Bronco25.1%$9,357
VermontJeep Gladiator24.9%$10,609
VirginiaFord Maverick34.1%$7,554
WashingtonFord Maverick30.8%$7,779
West VirginiaFord Bronco23.9%$9,068
WisconsinJeep Wrangler29.8%$10,159
WyomingJeep Gladiator23.3%$10,613


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