On November 27, 2019 The Delaware County Sheriff's Office Major John Demeo and K-9 Ozzie met with sisters Delana and Richelle Wood of Walton, NY. The sisters presented Ozzie with a number of treats and toys and in addition, presented Demeo with $51.45 to be used toward sustaining the Sheriff's Office Canine program which is funded primarily through donations.

Impressively, the industrious dynamic duo planned and hosted a lemonade stand in September for the express purpose of raising money to donate toward the canine program.

Demeo states that "The Sheriff's Office and Ozzie cannot thank these young ladies enough for their thoughts, efforts and outright kindness in regards to their donations. Donations such as this, will help to ensure the Canine Program continues to thrive and further, as a result will help deter criminal activity in the Delaware County communities in which we live."