As we all know, it is Fair season in our listening area.  We have all waited a VERY long time to enjoy these nostalgic rites of summer.  Unfortunately, sometimes, these events seem to bring out the worst in some people.  Vandals have struck the Delaware County Fair grounds in Walton this past weekend.

Ron Galley, long associated with the Delaware County Fair, reported to us that the damage struck several Fair buildings.  Jason Craig, the Delaware County Fair director and secretary, said the time frame for the vandalism is unclear but he believes it took place last weekend (July 10-11).  Craig said, "The vandals kicked in the back door of the Secretary's office and set off a series of the building's fire extinguishers.  The individuals also found a can of spray paint so there is some damage from that, too.  The damage was mostly seen in the Fair secretary's office and the Fair Store.  Some items were stolen, including a Miss Walton Fair crown and some items from the Fair's Museum."

Craig said that the Walton Police Department is currently investigating the incident and asks for the public's help.  If you, or someone you know, has any information on this vandalism incident please call the Walton Police department at (607) 865-5400.

The vandalism will not deter the opening of the Fair.  The Walton Fair is one of New York State's oldest agricultural fairs.  The dates for the fair this year are August 16-21.

We hope everybody welcomes back this great Fair and puts it on your summer bucket list.  For Fair events and schedules please visit the Fair's website by CLICKING HERE.

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