UHS Delaware Valley Hospital (DVH) in Walton, NY is now offering a new medical imaging technology that has the potential to help improve and even save the lives of many more patients than before thanks to now offering a cutting-edge imaging technology called Nuclear Medicine imaging services that is typically only available in larger hospitals and is superior to other types of imaging.

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According to DVH, Nuclear Medicine allows doctors the ability to actually see how a patient's various organs are functioning as opposed to only seeing images of abnormalities in organs. What this means is that physicians can catch problems much earlier, long before many medical problems are detected with other types of imaging. It's simply a much more accurate way of detecting problems before they get worse and turn into a much more serious health issue. It seems we are always hearing healthcare professionals say, at least when it comes to cancer screenings, "early detection is critical" and that certainly rings true for any health condition since it affects a person's quality of life.

DVH hospital officials say it works great for:
· Screening patients for heart disease risk
· Diagnosing stomach and digestive complications
· Evaluating bone pain from injury, joint replacement, or cancer
· Thyroid treatment planning
· Lung Scanning for blood clots and shortness of breath
· Evaluating kidney function and ruling out an obstruction

How did such a small hospital come to acquire this leading-edge imaging technology? DVH credits getting Nuclear Medicine imaging this past spring thanks to partnering with Heart Care Imaging (HCI) which provides the equipment and technologists - something DVH would not have the resources to be able to do.

Randy Taylor, Director of Ambulatory Services notes the convenience of having this technology available in a rural area like ours and says, “Our hope is to save area residents from driving long distances for many of the most common diagnostic tests".

If you want to find out more about nuclear medicine at Delaware Valley Hospital, you can visit www.nyuhs.org or call the hospital’s imaging department at 607-865-2126.

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