According to AllOTSEGO, the Unatego Central School District Board of Education will hear three new proposals for the former Otego Elementary School building at a special meeting to be held at 6:30 p.m. on October 28.

The board will decide which proposal to accept at its November 4 meeting.  The three proposals are:

Oneonta Christian Academy, currently located on River Street in Oneonta would like to make the former school in Otego their new home.  The Christian school currently has more than 90 students and whatever space they wouldn't need at the new location, they would rent out.

Dirig Design, a drafting and design firm located in Wells Bridge, will propose a mixed use vision for the old school including residential and commercial businesses residing there.  Their plan includes building nine apartments in the space, along with 16 mixed-use commercial spaces.

Granite Data Solutions, based in McClellan Park, Calif., is an IT service provider.  Their proposal is to renovate the building to serve as their New York/East Coast full-service sales and logistics operations center, with a focus on hiring disabled and other veterans which the West Coast location currently does.

The former Otego Elementary School building has remained vacant since being closed as a school in 2017.  Last year, the school district selected AgZeit, a company that planned on growing agricultural products inside the building, unfortunately, they were unable to move forward with the project and the school district had to open up another round of proposals which brings us to the ones mentioned in this article.

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