Recently we asked (on our Facebook page) "what are a restaurant do you miss the most?"  What a response!  Hundreds replied and made comments and the list was very long!  So many great food memories over the years.  We compiled the final list and came up with the Top Ten most mentioned restaurants on the list.  Here they are with a random Facebook post comment for each one.

10:  Pudgie's.  "The first place I ever heard the phrase "sheet pizza."

9:  Laskaris:  "Oh, how we could use a good old fashioned place like that!"

8:  J&B Subs:  "I think I had one every day for a year.  So good!"

7:  Sabatini's:  "A classy place.  Loved the bottle of wine waiting for us in the middle of the table."

6:  Homestead:  "Home of the area's first all-you-can-eat shrimp bar!"

5:  The Duke Diner:  "So many memories, and most of them were late night memories.  VERY late night.."

4:  Molinari's:  "The best Italian restaurant Oneonta ever had!"

3:  Christopher's:  "A fun place to take the family.  Loved all the oddball decorations.  Good comfort food!"

2:  Bresee's Health Bar:  "One of the great traditions in downtown Oneonta for so many years.  Loved Muriel Ross behind the counter!"

#1:  Neptune Diner:  "Breakfast, lunch of dinner..this is the place I miss the most.  Great meals and wonderful people.  And watch out for the shark in the tank!"