Most cat owners know that cats have certain qualities that differentiate them from dogs.  The biggest difference is that cats are completely self centered and want what they want, when they want it.  They don't care about pleasing their owners like dogs.

Once a blue moon, along comes a cat that breaks the rule of cat snobbery and whose life actually does revolve around their owner.  I can say this because I once had a cat like that.  Her name was Bibs (because she had a white patch on her chest that looked like a bib) and she was all about me.  She would follow me around, would come when I whistled, even if she was more than a mile away, and would take walks with me.  She was my best friend and completely trusted me.  There was never an issue getting her in the cat carrier even though she didn't like it.  It was easy to give her medication, unlike any other cat I've ever had.  She was just easy and a joy to have around.  Needless to say, when I saw this video, "8 Signs Your Cat is Actually a Dog", it not only made me laugh but reminded me of Bibs in so many ways.  She was definitely a dog trapped in a cat's body. Below you can find out if your cat has the same issue.