Oneonta City Manager Michael Long said Tuesday during his State of the City Address that the city is one of only nine in the entire state that is financially stable.

Long described that previous administrations had set up the city for financial success despite economic hardship.

"There are 61 cities in the state of New York and nine of them are financially stable at this time," he said. "The rest of them are not. Oneonta is one of the few financially stable communities.

"It's the past history in terms of the stewardship that the past administration had put into effect," Long added. "They have reduced the expenses and maintained active revenues, so their expenditures did not exceed their revenue. They were able to balance the books."

Long also suggested ways to maintain this balance and keep Oneonta financially secure.

"There are a couple things you can do," he said. "One, you can raise revenues or, two, you can cut expenses or, three, you can do one of each. We'll now have to talk about the level of service -- if there are things we are doing now that we maybe don't need to do. Maybe we don't need to raise additional revenues."

Long said to do this the city will apply for state grants and will continue to look into other ways to raise revenues.