Construction workers have moved in and started to dismantle several generations of memories at the old Scintilla factory in Sidney, N.Y.

The factory, a century old, has been shuttered for many years since a flood delivered the final knockout.   But over the years, the plant had employed tens of thousands of locals, men and women, and provided a decent income to families throughout the area.

From Scintilla to Bendix and Allied Amphenol and other names, legions of workers, some entering the company right from high school, toiled away making products that have been used in the air and space industry, in the military and many other uses.

We all either worked here or had family members who did.  My Mom and Dad worked here as youngsters before they opened a grocery story.  And my grandfather,Joe "Pop" Cody, was a longtime security guard at the front gate.  I have family members who continue to work at the new facility on Delaware Avenue..

The new Amphenol plant is state-of-the art and stands in stark comparison to the low slung brick building that was a local landmark for decades in downtown Sidney.

Do you have memories of working at Scintilla or and\y of the other company names here?

How many thousands of local workers went through this gate over the year?
This East Gate was one of several entrances to the "plant'
The tall orange and white smokestack is a recognizable Sidney landmark from several miles away
The main yard at Scintilla was the site of many gatherings over the years, from family picnics to World War II War Bond Rally's
The beginning of the end
Safety was always a concern here
The main guard house. My grandfather, Joseph "Pop" Cody, was the guard at this location for many years.  He was my Mom's father.
My grandfather at "his post" at the Main Gate.  Notice the wrought iron design hadn't changed in over 50 years.
Tens of thousands of local workers were employed here over the decades. Now a new plant a mile away employs many more.
A new gleaming factory now stands just a mile away, and far from threatening water!